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VolsTeach Summer Induction Meeting

VolsTeach graduates were busy at work on June 29, 2017 as they gathered in Greve Hall for their Summer Induction meeting.  Graduates from all cohorts attended.  This summer’s induction was planned and led by four of our graduates – Maria Owens, Lauren Anderson, Katie Mason, and Mindy Hopkins.  Maria and Lauren presented sessions, along with Alex Frank and Molly Schaeffer.  Topics discussed included setting expectations, planning, and differentiating instruction.  Attendees had time at the end of the meeting to put some of what they learned to use – planning activities, drafting a syllabus for a course, and searching online for resources to share.  Several graduates took advantage of brainstorming and planning with a colleague who teach the same classes.

VolsTeach will be offering several professional development activities this fall. Please email Dr. Hopkins if you have a teaching topic you would like to learn more about, would be interested in serving on the planning committee, or would like to present a topic!