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Course Information

A general overview of the courses offered for Fall 2018 is available here.. Be sure to consult with a VolsTeach coach for your specific requirements and recommended timeline, as each STEM discipline has unique graduation requirements.


VolsTeach graduates are also able to pursue professional options or graduate degrees in either the content major or teaching major.

VolsTeach Courses Course Title
Interdisciplinary Program Courses
(2 hrs)
Step 1 VolsTeach (1 hr)
Step 2 VolsTeach (1 hr)
Arts and Sciences Courses
(6 hrs)
Perspectives and History of Science and Math (3 hrs)
Research Methods (3 hrs)
Education Courses
(9 hrs)
Knowing and Learning (3 hrs)
Classroom Interactions (3 hrs)
Project Based Instruction (3 hrs)
Apprentice Teaching
(Full Time)
Field Experience and Seminar     (Full Time)