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VolsTeach is host to UT’s Math and Science Center Upward Bound Math-Science Program

This summer the VolsTeach library is home to a group of high school students who are participating in UT’s Upward Bound program.  These students, who are from schools in the rural Appalachian area of Tennessee, are interested in pursuing a college education and career in the fields of math and science.Their summer research projects are being completed with the use of 3D printers.  One group is creating animal bridges to cross over roads.  The bridges would reduce road kill costs and protect the animals.  The students are testing the direction of water runoff and heat absorption as they create the bridges.  Additionally, they are testing black vs green bridges (green being more inviting for the animals, and black more durable for the structure). The second group is creating dog leg prosthetic devices. The students came up with their own design for foot shape and the way the devices bend.  They used a force plate to test the strength of the leg joints.  VolsTeach faculty member, Dr. Yolanda Kirkpatrick, is overseeing the research.  She is assisted by VolsTeach students Tyler Mann and Cassie Householder.




Volunteachers hold fundraiser for Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School

On Friday, March 3th, VolsTeach students held a fundraiser on Pedestrian walkway to collect donations to support the students and families in the recent Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School incident in Parkland, FL.  They continued their donation drive on Tuesday in Greve Hall outside the VolsTeach material library.  The Volunteachers collected $200 in donations which have been sent to the Go Fund Me page to support those affected by this tragedy.  A special thank you to the Volunteachers board of officers for coordinating this fundraiser.

VolsTeach in the community

On February 15, 2018, students in Dr. Yolanda Kirkpatrick’s Project Based Instruction class volunteered at the STEM Family Engagement Night at Inskip Elementary School.  Students Will Kirkpatrick and Amyee Alexander showed attendees the art of Origami.









Origami is the art of paper folding, which is often associated with Japanese culture.  Origami principles are now used in a wide variety of STEM applications – from the design of satellites, to heart stents, to self-assembling robots, and much more.

Over 100 families attended Inskip’s family STEM night.  For more information about upcoming STEM events, visit the Center for Enhancing Education in Mathematics and Sciences website.

Congratulations VolsTeach Apprentice Teacher Graduates

Congratulations to VolsTeach Cohort 5 who completed their Apprentice Teaching assignments on December 5, 2017.  Seated L to R: Grace Wilson, Maria van Audenhove, Kimmie Troutman and Danielle Ferguson. Standing L to R: Vicky Louangaphay, Jeff Hickman, Abigayle Gallo, and Hayley Phillips. The VolsTeach faculty and staff wish them the very best as they begin their careers as teachers.  We are proud of their accomplishments!


VolsTeach Summer Induction Meeting

VolsTeach graduates were busy at work on June 29, 2017 as they gathered in Greve Hall for their Summer Induction meeting.  Graduates from all cohorts attended.  This summer’s induction was planned and led by four of our graduates – Maria Owens, Lauren Anderson, Katie Mason, and Mindy Hopkins.  Maria and Lauren presented sessions, along with Alex Frank and Molly Schaeffer.  Topics discussed included setting expectations, planning, and differentiating instruction.  Attendees had time at the end of the meeting to put some of what they learned to use – planning activities, drafting a syllabus for a course, and searching online for resources to share.  Several graduates took advantage of brainstorming and planning with a colleague who teach the same classes.

VolsTeach will be offering several professional development activities this fall. Please email Dr. Hopkins if you have a teaching topic you would like to learn more about, would be interested in serving on the planning committee, or would like to present a topic!

Congratulations VolsTeach graduates

Congratulations to our Apprentice teachers who graduated on May 13, 2017 with their respective degrees.  Seated (L to R):  Blake Hodge, Ryan Burnette, Jack Adamson, and Walker Marema. Standing (L to R): Kirsten Salonga, Jessica Jackson, Charis Maness, Ashley Brown, Kaelin Toney, Katie Mason, Allison Watson, Lizzy Barlow, Tori Bruinsma, and Dani Waldrop.  The VolsTeach faculty and staff wish them the very best as they begin their careers as teachers.  We are proud of their accomplishments!

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