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Prospective Students

What else can you do with your math or science major?

Through the VolsTeach program, you can graduate with a full math or science degree in addition to a license to teach grades 6–12.

Make an appointment with a licensure advisor in the College of Education, Health, and Human Sciences to get information about the course sequence and program.

Before your meeting, please meet with your academic advisor to discuss your current degree plan.

What is VolsTeach?

If you’ve ever wanted to try teaching, but were afraid to try something different, VolsTeach is a great way to gain experience!

VolsTeach is a program targeted for undergraduate math, science, or engineering majors who are interested in expanding their professional skills and exploring a career in secondary teaching.  Students can graduate in four years with a degree in math, science, or engineering, as well as obtain licensure as highly qualified teachers in their respective content areas. The program emphasizes early and ongoing field-based experiences.

VolsTeach graduates are also able to pursue professional options or graduate degrees in either their content major or teaching minor.

VolsTeach provides:

  • hands-on teaching experience in your first semester of the program
  • small-size classes with personalized attention from professors
  • access to a dedicated student workroom, resource library, and commons group area
  • academic coaches who help keep students on track


VolsTeach students enjoy program-specific options to support their academic work. Within a community of like-minded students, resources such as free tutoring, unique classrooms, customized advising, and private study space equipped with technology tools, VolsTeach provides a climate of support as students explore teaching as a career.

Scholarship Opportunities:


Speak with a VolsTeach faculty member about these scholarship opportunities.


Completing all the coursework necessary for a degree in the student’s major as well as teacher licensure in four years makes VolsTeach different from most teacher preparation programs.

Beginning freshman year, or in the Step 1 course, VolsTeach students have opportunities to teach in grade 6-12 classrooms. These opportunities are provided throughout most of the program’s teaching (pedagogy) courses.

This cumulative field experience, known as “apprentice teaching,” is completed during the fall semester of your senior year.  Apprentice-level VolsTeach students are placed in a grade 6-12 classroom to work with a licensed teacher for the semester. Students must also complete the state licensing, but the VolsTeach new teacher program will help them through this process.

The program’s coursework also prepares students to take the required exams, including the praxis, that are part of the teacher licensure process.

Note: A student who graduates from the program is not automatically certified to teach, as is true for all education degrees.

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School-Based Field Experiences

Students get a chance to learn professional skills and experience the classroom to explore if teaching is an option as a future profession. Master teachers, mentor teachers, and university facilitators are part of the school-based experiences in the program. Before, during, and after teaching, students are offered feedback and support as they plan, practice and reflect upon lessons.

The close and constant support by master teachers, mentor teachers, and UT faculty members is a unique facet of this program, as are designated instructional materials and resources devoted to VolsTeach students.

Entering the Program

VolsTeach has an outline of studies for students entering at any point in their academic career; however, those making the decision as freshmen or sophomores are best positioned to streamline their program of studies.

Entering Freshmen

The VolsTeach program is for math, science, and engineering majors to receive their degree and teaching licensure within four years. Freshmen students will only take one class per semester in addition to the classes in their major, for four years to complete program requirements. Students are encouraged to enroll in VolsTeach courses the first semester of their freshmen year to explore the opportunities of teaching.

Current Undergraduate Students

The VolsTeach program has a flexible entry plan that can accommodate every student in all phases of his or her academic career. Students do not have to be a freshman to start the program. There are several ways the required courses can be worked into your current degree plan.