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VolunTeachers in the field

The Step 1/Step 2 classes introduce the VolsTeach students to inquiry-based approaches in teaching  mathematics and science. Throughout the semester, the students will have two field observations and three teaches in a middle school environment. Step 1/Step 2 students Natalie Parson and Jordan Nelson taught a lesson on Conduction, Convection and Radiation to 8th grade Physical Science students at West Valley Middle School.



Step 1/Step 2 students Brianne Ward and Caleb Kennedy were at West Valley Middle school this semester and taught a lesson on Mitosis – Cell Division



Students in Dr. Kirkpatrick’s Project Based Instruction class will  have three high school classroom observations and teach three high school lessons throughout the semester.

Joey Nagey teaching a Physics class, investigating Hooke’s Law, at Bearden HS

Will Kirkpatrick and CJ McFall taught a lesson at Carter HS about Arthropoda, concentrating on beetles


Cassie Householder had an AP Biology class at Central HS create models of immune response cells , which they then presented to the class

Shelby Collins and Alex Strong did a lab activity at Central HS. The students extracted their own DNA from their cheek cells

Robert Miller taught a lesson at Fulton HS on Genetic Engineering







During the semester, students in the Classroom Interactions course will have at least three field observations and three teaches in a high school classroom.

CI student Tyler Mann teaching a Chemistry lesson on the interactions of Matter at Oak Ridge High School.





CI student Anna Morgan teaching a Chemistry lesson testing acids and bases at Maryville High School.

CI student Ben Qualls teaching a Pre Calculus lesson modeling real world situations with Sign and Cosign at Maryville High School.